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The ASTEC Software Package Accueil IRSN The purpose of the ASTEC software package Accident Source Term Evaluation Code is to simulate all the phenomena that occur during a severe accident in a water cooled nuclear reactor, from the initiating event to the possible release of radioactive products the source term outside the Home Robatel Industries From watermills to steam engines, then to nuclear energy capitalizing on the long term Welcome to Robatel Industries ICS Institut Clinique de la Souris Generation of new mouse models Mouse phenotyping platforms Research and developmental program Functional genomics of thyroid signaling Institut de Section of cerebellum taken from a mice with a TR mutation mouse Teddy Fauquier Functional Genomics of Thyroid Hormone Signaling Thyroid hormone TH is made by thyroid gland from iodine, and circulates in all tissues INSERM U Laboratory for Vascular LVTS Marie Nolle Labour Team is actively involved in the MOOC Tissue and Organ Bioengineering You can freely attend and register to this MOOC until th June STUDY OF EXISTING RELIABILITY CENTERED Study of existing RCM approaches used in different industries Study of existing RELIABILITY CENTERED MAINTENANCE RCM approaches used in different industries cic Clinical Imaging Core faCility The behavioural and functional facilities enable researchers to evaluate cognitive abilities attention and memory skills, executive function, etc , anxiety and depressive states, major motor disorders, and fine motor skills in rodent models of human diseases Accueil Institut de Gnomique Fonctionnelle de Lyon The IGFL s originality comes from bringing together, under one roof, leading scientists from different backgrounds The IGFL s new building houses molecular biologists, embryologists, endrocrinologists, specialists in bioinformatics, evolutionary scientists, cell biologists, palaeontologists, physiologists and genome specialists More Sorbonne Universit Lettres, Mdecine, Sciences Sorbonne Universit est ne le er janvier , issue de la fusion de l UPMC et Paris Sorbonne Une nouvelle universit, pluridisciplinaire, de recherche intensive et de rang mondial pour transmettre les connaissances, comprendre le The EDF offer energy products and services for customers The services offered by EDF make energy efficiency an accessible reality for million customers Its solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of residential customers, companies and local authorities

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