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Millions upon millions of years ago, when the continents were already formed and the principal features of the earth had been decided, there existed, then as now, one aspect of the world that dwarfed all others It was a mighty ocean, resting uneasily to the east of the largest continent, a restless ever changing, gigantic body of water that would later be described as pacific Over its brooding surface immense winds swept back and forth, whipping the waters into towering waves that crashed down upon the worlds seacoasts, tearing away rocks and eroding the land In its dark bosom, strange life was beginning to form, minute at first, then gradually of a structure now lost even to memory Upon its farthest reaches birds with enormous wings came to rest, and then flew on.Agitated by a moon stronger then than now, immense tides ripped across this tremendous ocean, keeping it in a state of torment Since no great amounts of sand had yet been built, the waters where they reached shore were universally dark, black as nigh and fearful.Scores of millions of years before man had risen from the shores of the ocean to perceive its grandeur and to venture forth upon its turbulent waves, this eternal sea existed, larger than any other of the earths features, vaster than the sister oceans combined, wild, terrifying in its immensity and imperative in its universal role.How utterly vast it was How its surges modified the very balance of the earth How completely lonely it was, hidden in the dark ness of night or burning in the dazzling power of a younger sun than ours.At recurring intervals the ocean grew cold Ice piled up along its extremities, and so pulled vast amounts of water from the sea, so that the wandering shoreline of the continents sometimes jutted miles farther out than before Then, for a hundred thousand years, the ceaseless ocean would tear at the exposed shelf of the continents, grinding rocks into sand and incubating new life.Later, the fantastic accumulations of ice would melt, setting cold waters free to join the heaving ocean, and the coasts of the continents would lie submerged Now the restless energy of the sea deposited upon the ocean bed layers of silt and skeletons and salt For a million years the ocean would build soil, and then the ice would return the waters would draw away and the land would lie exposed Winds from the north and south would howl across the empty seas and last stupendous waves upon the shattering shore Thus the ocean continued is alternate building and tearing down.Master of life, guardian of the shorelines, regulator of temperatures and heaving sculptor of mountains, the great ocean existed.Wonderful a mammoth epic of the islands The Balti Sun One novel you must not miss A tremendous work from every point of viewthrilling, exciting, lusty, vivid, stupendous Chicago Tribune From Micheners devotion to the islands, he has written a monumental chronicle of Hawaii, an extraordinary and fascinating novel Saturday Review Memorable a superb biography of a people Houston Chronicle Hawa Lonely Planet Oahu A voir, faire Hawaii les meilleures plages, les les, les sites naturels le top indispensable pour ne rien manquer Lire la suite Maisons a vendre Hawaii, Immobilier Hawaii, Hawaii Recherchez par n Annonce MLS Hawaii pour trouver des biens immobiliers Hawaii, renseignez vous auprs de Hawaii sur Connectez vous avec les plus grands Videos srie Hawaii Five Bandes annonces Dcouvrez les vidos de la srie Hawaii Five Retrouvez les personnages de la srie dans des bandes annonces et extraits Guide des saisons de la srie Hawaii Five Dcouvrez les pisodes des saisons de la srie Hawaii Five Pok Bar Paris Pok Bowls Hawaiiens ultra frais sur Pok Bar Paris Pok Bowls ultra frais et sains dlice Hawaiien de poisson cru marin sur riz vinaigr ou salade, avec choix de lgumes, fruits, herbes Sous le ciel bleu de Hawaii film AlloCin Sous le ciel bleu de Hawaii est un film ralis par Norman Taurog avec Elvis Presley, Joan Blackman Synopsis De retour de l arme, Chad Gates est tout heureux Kona Bike Count l analyse de tout le matriel vlo Quels sont les vlos, les casques ou les roues utiliss sur l Ironman d Hawaii On vous dit tout Hawaii Five Srie TV AlloCin Hawaii Five une srie TV de Alex Kurtzman avec Alex O Loughlin, Scott Caan Retrouvez toutes les news, les vidos, les photos ainsi que tous les dtails Hawaii Five Episodes de la saison AlloCin Retrouvez en dtail les pisodes de la saison de la srie Hawaii Five , ainsi que le casting et les critiques des internautes Girls In Hawaii Nocturne Fip Les boys de Girls in Hawaii reviennent ce vendredi septembre avec leur nouvel album Nocturne