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Book by Norman John Gor Wikipedia Gor r is the Counter Earth setting for an extended series of sword and planet novels by author and philosophy professor John NormanThe series is inspired particularly by the Barsoom series and Almuric, but is also known for its content combining philosophy, erotica and science fantasyThe series is known for its repeated depiction Gor Literature TV Tropes The Chronicles of Gor is a Science Fantasy novel series one of those that blur the lines between the Science Fiction and Fantasy , written by John Norman Quotes From the Gor Novels Gorean Living In denying it we deny our nature In betraying it we betray no one but ourselves The master will never be happy until he is a master The slave will never be happy until she is John Norman s Chronicles of Gor About Us The New Home for John Norman s Chronicles of Gor The Gor Books Gorean Living The Gor Books That is where it all started In the mid to late s, Professor John Lange, a philosophy instructor at Queens College, CUNY, tried to promote some ideas that, at the time, were very unpopular John Norman Wikipedia John Norman s Chronicles of Gor open letter by Norman alleging discrimination against him and expressing his libertarianism Older sketch of John Norman s life Outlaw of Gor Gorean Saga John Norman Outlaw of Gor Gorean Saga John Norman on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Tarl Cabot finds himself transported back to Counter Earth from the sedate life he has known as a history professor on Earth He is glad to be back in his role as a dominant warrior and again in the arms of his true love Yet Tarl finds that his name on Gor Marauders of Gor Gorean Saga Former Earthman Tarl Cabot is now a powerful Tarnsman of the brutal and caste bound planet of Gor, also known as Counter Earth He embarks on an adventure in the dangerous and mysterious wilderness of Gor, pitting his warrior s skills against treacherous outlaws, bandits, and fighters Three Chroniques de Gor Wikipdia Gor, surnomme l anti Terre, est un monde parallle, dcrit dans les Chroniques de Gor par John Norman, tout au long d une saga qui comprend prs de romans o se mlent des thmes relevant de la philosophie, l rotisme et de la science fiction Entame en cette saga, dont seuls les premiers tomes ont t traduits en franais, dcrit Capture and Enslavement of Free Women Woman of Gor This research is done on the series of books written by John Norman, the comments in italics are mine and my point of view Woman of Gor

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