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3 R Comment out block of code Stack Overflow Most of the editors take some kind of shortcut to comment out blocks of code The default editors use something like command or control and single quote to comment out selected lines of code In RStudio it s command or control Check in your editor It s still commenting line by line, but they also uncomment selected lines as well Is it possible to have a multi line comments in R No multi line comments in R as of version and unlikely to change In most environments, you can comment blocks by highlighting and toggle comment In R help R Block comments in R Nabble Re R Block comments in R In reply to this post by Richard O Keefe Richard A O Keefe wrote Commenting code out and providing documentation comments are easily done with a good editor, although R documentation comments really belong in files where help can find them Can t we comment a block of code at once in R tools Is there a way in R to comment whole block of code at once like we do in Hello, I am facing a lot of problem in commenting my code I need to run it multiple times while commenting different blocks of code every time Google s R Style Guide R is a high level programming language used primarily for statistical computing and graphics The goal of the R Programming Style Guide is to make our R code easier R Language Definition R Language Definition This is an introduction to the R language, explaining evaluation, parsing, object oriented programming, computing on the language, and so forth This manual is for R, version FSU may not be Bowl Eligible r CFB reddit R CFB, Which of your schools have recently last years switched from NCAA to NAIA comments The football program is the front porch of the university it s the most visible thing we have Style guide Advanced R It is based on Google s R style guide, with a few tweaks You don t have to use my style, but you really should use a consistent style Comment your code R Programming Manuals All comments explanations start with the standard comment sign to prevent them from being interpreted by R as commands This way the content in the code boxes can be pasted with their comment text into the R console to evaluate their utility Comment is Free The Guardian Latest opinion, analysis and discussion from the Guardian CP Scott Comment is free, but facts are sacred inline and block comments in R Intelligea Jun , How to add one line comment in r Just add in front of your comment, so the comment would look like here is my comment How to add multi line or Comments Social Plugins Documentation Facebook Comment Mirroring allows people to participate in a single conversation, whether comments come from your webpage or from your Facebook Page When you share a link to your website on your Facebook Page, comments from that webpage will also appear as comments on your Facebook Page post and vice versa Comments Federal Communications Commission Comments Public Notice DA , released Aerospace and Flight Test Radio Coordinating Council General Aviation Manufacturers Association Comment redditgarlic for free garlicoin r garlicoin Anyone subscribed to r garlicoin before then will be able to claim a few bits of garlicoin on launch View the sticky posts for info Join the discord to know exactly when garlicoin is released