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not just essential motorcycle adventure research, it s essential motorcycle adventure literature reading The Riders Digest.co.uk, Autumn 2016 There is simply no other resource with such a broad spectrum of traveling wisdom mechanical, cultural, and anecdotal Adventure Motorcycle Magazine USA Sept Oct 2016 if you only ever buy one book on adventure riding then make it this one Rust 8, April 2016 Top 10 of greatest moments in adventure motorcycling Adventure Bike Rider, April 2016 hugely inspirational and always gives me a little shiver of excitement when I open it Overland Magazine, April 2016 A fountain of knowledge Adventure Bike Rider, 2016 The book the serious travellers refer to Ride , April 2016 The first thing we did was buy Chris Scott s Adventure Motorcycling Handbook Ewan McGregor The Long Way Round Does for adventure riding books what Saving Private Ryan does for war movies Motorcycle Consumer News USA Whether you re just dreaming of an adventure, or you ve already started planning, you must read this book Chris Scott s a veteran of serious travel Bike Magazine UK As essential as a set of tyre levers, and as dependable as the sunshine in the Sahara Highly recommended Trail Bike Magazine UK Invaluable The Times UK The Times UKEvery red blooded motorcyclist dreams of making the Big Trip Chris Scott s Adventure Motorcycling Handbook, now updated and in its 7th edition, is the comprehensive manual to make that dream a reality Practical information Documentation, sponsorship, ten popular overland machines rated, preparation and gear what you actually need, not what you can buy as well as dealing with culture shock, borders, robbery, medical emergencies, shipping, navigation, wild camping, highway and off road riding, fault diagnosis plus Austin Vince s filming tips Overland route outlines across Asia, Africa and Latin America the countries of the developing world aka the AM Zone Tales from the Saddle Spoke bending moto adventures from the earliest two wheel pioneers to recent first hand accounts Trip reports from contemporary travellers including Jamie Duncan, Steph Jeavons, Lois Pryce, Ted Simon and Lisa Simon Thomas

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